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TikTok’s Egg-cellent Plan to Scramble Your Child’s Brain

Oh, TikTok, you rascal! Just when we thought parenting couldn't get any more egg-citing, enter the "egg-cellent" trend of parents cracking eggs on their kids' noggins, those things also go as “heads”.  Because who needs

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THIZZZ is the most discussed cow ever in history

From slaughter-house-safari to wandering in the woods for two months to meat-chew-strike to the most discussed cow ever in history. This is how life should be:

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Thizzz is how a Fake Botox Fail Looks Like

Thizzz Is How Fake Fake-Lips Looks Like This LA make-up artist did an amazing job on this horrible looking Halloween Botox Fail Look. A real plastic surgeon couldn’t have done this better than Carol. Fake

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